Achievement Checklist

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Achievement Virtue Title          
The Shire
The Life of a Bounder Compassion            
The Life of a Bounder [Advanced] Empathy            
The Life of a Bounder [Final] Innocence +2 Honourary Sherrif          
The Farms of the Shire Tolerance            
The Sights of the Shire Fidelity            
No Place for Spoiled Pies Patience Pie-Runner          
Restoring the Quick Post Patience of the Quick Post          
Shire Brew-Master   Shire Brewmaster          
Brigand Slayer Justice Bounders-Friend          
Goblin Slayer Valour Protector of the Shire          
Harvest-fly Slayer Fortitude Crop-Saviour          
Slug Slayer Determination Slug-Squasher          
Spider Slayer Honour Spider-Sting          
Wolf Slayer Discipline Fur-Cutter          
Bree-land Adventurer Empathy            
Bree-land Adventurer [Advanced] Charity            
Bree-land Adventurer [Final] Loyalty +2            
Lore of the Cardolan Prince Wisdom            
Flowers of the Old Forest Idealism            
The History of the Dunedain Idealism            
The Barrow-Downs Patience            
The Old Forest Wisdom            
The Ruins of Bree-land Patience            
The Pie-eating Contest   Pie-eating Champion          
Barghest Slayer Determination Barrow-downs Hunter          
Brigand Slayer Justice Watcher of Roads          
Neekerbreeker Slayer Fortitude Shell-breaker          
Orc Slayer Valour Defender of Bree-land          
Sickle-fly Slayer Discipline Fly-swatter          
Spider Slayer Honour Spider-foe          
Wight Slayer Mercy Bane of the Barrows          
Woodsman Slayer (Trees) Fortitude Root-hewer          
Ered Luin
Ally of Ered Luin Charity            
Defender of Ered Luin [Advanced] Compassion            
Hero of Ered Luin [Final] Charity +2            
Elf-Ruins Exploration Wisdom            
Places of the Dwarves Patience            
Rath Teraig Exploration Confidence            
Scouting the Dourhands Fidelity            
Brigand Slayer Justice Defender of the Halls          
Goblin Slayer Zeal Guardian of Ered Luin          
Hendroval Slayer Discipline Feather-Foe          
Spider Slayer Zeal Web-Slasher          
Wolf Slayer Determination Wolf-Tamer          
Tales of the Lonely Road Charity            
Tales of the Lonely Road [Advanced] Compassion            
Tales of the Lonely Road [Final] Idealism +2            
Defenses of the Lone-Lands Fidelity            
Garth Agarwen Exploration Confidence            
The Grimfens Confidence            
Weathertop Exploration Wisdom            
Bog Lurker Slayer Discipline Bog-Hunter          
Gaunt Man Slayer Mercy Enemy of the Dead          
Goblin Slayer Valour Goblin-Hewer          
Orc Slayer Valour Champion of the Lone-Lands          
Spider Slayer Honour Spider-Bane          
Warg Slayer Fortitude Warg-Hunter          
North Downs
Of Glories Long Past Empathy            
Of Glories Long Past [Advanced] Charity            
Of Glories Long Past [Final] Loyalty +2            
Strongholds Exploration Confidence            
The Eastern Ruins Patience            
The Villages of the Earth-Kin Tolerance            
The Western Ruins Wisdom            
Goblin Slayer Zeal Cleaver of Goblins          
Orc Slayer Justice Hero of North Downs          
Redeemer (Shades) Mercy Foe of Night          
Troll Slayer Fortitude Troll-Hewer          
Warg Slayer Determination Warg-Foe          
Worm Slayer Honour Worm-Slayer          
The Trollshaws
Brave Deeds in the Wilderness Innocence            
Brave Deeds in the Wilderness [Advanced] Loyalty            
Brave Deeds in the Wilderness [Final] Idealism +2            
The Road to Rivendell Fidelity            
Ruins of the Trollshaws Tolerance            
Crawler Slayer Determination Chitin-Smasher          
Giant Slayer Fortitude Giant-Slayer          
Troll Slayer Zeal Troll-Slayer          
Wight Slayer Mercy The Purifier          
Wolf Slayer Discipline Tail-Cleaver          
Worm Slayer Valour Worm-Carver          
Misty Mountains
Peril of the Mountains Compassion            
Peril of the Mountains [Advanced] Empathy            
Peril of the Mountains [Final] Innocence +2            
Ruins of the Misty Mountains Tolerance            
The High Passes Wisdom            
Where the Giants Dwell Confidence            
Bear Slayer Fortitude Bear-Wrestler          
Giant Slayer Zeal Bane of Titans          
Snow Beast Slayer Determination Beast-Hunter          
Troll Slayer Valour Vanquisher of Trolls          
Warg Slayer Justice Warg-Hunter          
Worm Slayer Honour Worm-Bane          
Marching Into Shadow Loyalty            
Marching Into Shadow [Advanced] Idealism            
Marching Into Shadow [Final] Empathy +2            
Bastions of Hope Tolerance +2            
The Road to War Confidence +2            
The Circle of Despair Fidelity            
Angmarim Slayer Justice Doom of the Angmarim          
Orc Slayer Zeal Bane of the Orcs          
Troll Slayer Discipline Bane of Trolls          
Uruk Slayer Honour Warlord of Angmar          
Warg Slayer Determination Lord of Fangs          
Wight Slayer Mercy Destiny of the Accursed          
Worm Slayer Valour Weird of the Worms